Thorens 1930s Double Claw Automatic Lighter

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Extremely rare working antique semi-automatic lighter from the Thorens Company out of Switzerland. Made in the 1930s, the lighter features a semi-automatic mechanism that is activated by pressing the button on the front that first needs to be unscrewed slightly. Lid flips open and the wick is simultaneously ignited. Strong action. Great condition and patina. This replaced the single-claw design that Thorens started out with. The double-claw is much more consistent and solidly built. Great piece.


This vintage lighter was disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt with a new flint/packing, and any needed replacement parts. Perfect working order. Wonderful vintage condition. 2 1/2" x 1 1/2". All work performed by The Northern Electric Lighting Company, NYC. As per shipping regulations, lighter will be shipped without fluid. Just fiil with Zippo or Ronsonol lighter fluid to operate.